Willingness to Fight

Battle Giants
When engaged in spiritual warfare, you must understand, who the enemy you are fighting is, how the enemy fights, and how the battle is won.

In a time when infants are sacrificed to demons (there is nothing new under the sun) for the empowerment of enemy forces, the Church must be fully equipped and engaged with the spiritual weapons of warfare, it has been given, namely offering up the blood of God's only-begotten Son in prayer and worship and thanksgiving, calling upon His Name JESUS, interceding through the Spirit with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, in the authority of His Name, not being afraid, but instead being confident to engage in the battle on the front lines even where the enemy is met face to face.

And even if the enemy is given power, for a time, to strike down and overcome the saints, the saints still have the victory because of Jesus who reigns from Heaven, who they also will meet face to face and be given crowns of glory.

But does the Church even know how to fight? Is it even willing to engage in battle and maybe even shed a little blood? Where is the call? Where are the trumpets? Where are the giant-slayers?


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